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Online Bill System - Help

I want to begin using Eastex Telephone's Online Bill System
Before you can view or pay your bill online, you need to set-up your online profile that will contain your email address, payment options, your password, etc. To establish your online account click HERE.

I am having problems logging into my Eastex Telephone Online Account
If you have not yet registered to use Eastex Telephone's Online Bill System, you need to do so...see above.

If you have registered, but are unable to log in, perhaps you forgot your password. There is a section at the bottom of the log-in screen that allows you to request your password. Click HERE to go there now.

I am trying to pay my Eastex.Net Internet Bill
You are currently at the Eastex Telephone Cooperative Website. To access the Eastex.Net website, click HERE.

Look at our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on using the Online Bill Payment System HERE.