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5 Best Practices for Home Network Protection!

Happy World Wi-Fi Day: Here are 5 best practices for good home network hygiene

To ensure safe browsing, users must keep routers and connectivity updated. Here are five easy ways to check your devices.

By Macy Bayern | June 20, 2018, 8:18 AM PST

The CCAB urges Wi-Fi users to take June 20th as a celebratory reminder of connectivity. What better way to celebrate than making sure your connectivity is safe and reliable?

With school being out for the summer, friends and family are more likely to visit, and more individuals have time to be in the internet. The increased Wi-Fi use leaves more opportunity for connections to be compromised, which can be especially detrimental to individuals working from home or running small businesses.

Here are 5 tips the CCAB suggests to protect your Wi-Fi connection:

1. Update your router

If you don’t have automatic updates enabled, or even if you do, check to make sure you have the latest firmware installed. Firmware, the software that makes your hardware work, is essential to the functionality of your connectivity. Many manufacturers come out with updates that either solve bugs or help your hardware operate better.

2. Change your passwords

What a revolutionary idea! Changing your passwords is probably the easiest way to stay protected. Users should change their passwords frequently on all accounts, especially those that work remotely and may not have as many protections as a corporate office. Make sure your Wi-Fi is password protected to begin with, but also update the password to be different from other accounts.

3. Unplug and reboot

If your connection is running slowly, try unplugging and rebooting the router. Sometimes a fresh start can help your router implement updates and run more adequately, especially if the router is older.

4. Simplify network path

In order to make connectivity stronger on your most-used devices, remove older devices from network that you aren’t using. Also, make sure router is in the optimal location for signal strength, keep it out in the open or in an accessible area.

5. Consider a new router

However, if your router’s lifespan is coming to an end—or, if it’s more than five years old—consider buying a new one. Users with new and old devices will see their connection improve with a new router that supports the latest Wi-Fi capabilities and standards