Broadband Services – Email Setup – Outlook Setup

Click Tools > Accounts

Click Add > Mail

Type your name and click Next

Type your e-mail address ( and click Next

Make sure POP3 is selected
Enter for the incoming mail server
Enter for the outgoing mail server, then click Next:

Verify that the correct username is entered, then enter your password
Note: if the username is incorrect, the email address entered in the second step is also wrong. Click back twice and correct the e-mail.

DO NOT check Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)

Click Finish

If you have additional e-mail accounts to enter, repeat the previous steps starting with Add > E-mail. Otherwise, click Properties for the account you just created:

Click the Servers tab, and then click on the box beside My server requires authentication and then click OK.

If you have additional Eastex Net e-mail accounts, repeat the previous steps starting with click Properties. Otherwise, click Close.

Click Send/Recv to verify all information was entered correctly:
Note: you will receive errors if there is incorrect information.

If you need help, please contact us.