Customer Center – Pay Your Bill

View & Pay Your Eastex Bill


If you receive ONE bill for your Eastex services, or if you receive two bills and want to pay your telephone bill, Please use this link to view and pay your bill.

Payments may take 24 to 48 hours to process.  All service changes are made the following business day.

Eastex Internet Online Account *


If you receive TWO bills for your service, one for Eastex Telephone Service, and another for Eastex Internet Service that is billed separately, please use this link to pay your Eastex Internet-Only bill.

All Eastex Customers have an account available under this link, however you must contact Eastex to have your account set-up before it can be accessed.
* You will only have an account under this link if you receive a telephone service only bill from Eastex, and a separate bill for internet service only.