Telephone – Services and Calling Features

Local ServiceResidential Monthly Rate*Business Monthly Rate*Description
Residential Line Bundle$26.00N/AIncludes 1 residential local exchange access line plus Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Three-Way Calling. Bundle with internet and long distance service for additional savings!
Local Exchange Access Line$22.50$25.84Includes mandatory Extended Area Service and Expanded Local Calling Service where applicable. Residential Local Exchange Line includes Caller ID.
Business Multi-Line ServiceN/APrices VaryWe offer a wide array of multi-line solutions including Hosted Centrex, Key systems, ISDN-PRI, Direct Inward Dialing number groups, and IP services. Contact us today to discuss your needs.
Residential Lifeline ServiceSee DescriptionN/ALifeline Service provides eligible low-income customers discounts on their monthly voice or broadband service. For information concerning Lifeline Service, click here.
* Prices listed are tariffed monthly recurring rates. Additional taxes, fees and surcharges apply. Nonrecurring installation/service charges apply for requests for new service or changes in service.
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Popular Calling FeaturesResidential Monthly Rate**Business Monthly Rate**Description
Anonymous Call Rejection$0.50$1.00Allows subscribers to automatically reject calls where the calling party has blocked their caller ID name and number information.
Automatic Callback$2.00$4.00Automatically redial the last telephone number dialed.
Automatic Recall$3.00$4.00Automatically redial the telephone number of the most recently completed unblocked incoming local call or call attempt.
Call Forwarding$1.00$1.50Allows subscribers to transfer incoming calls to another number.
Call Forwarding - Busy/No Answer$1.75$2.00Enables an incoming call to be automatically directed to a predetermined alternate phone number if the call is not answered or encounters a busy signal. Required for voicemail.
Call Waiting$1.00$1.50Alerts the subscriber when an incoming call is received during an active call, allowing the called party to put the first call on hold and answer the incoming call.
Caller IDFree!$9.00Allows subscribers to see the incoming caller's name and number.
Cancel Call Waiting$1.00$1.50Allows call waiting subscribers to block, on a per-call basis, call waiting tones during important calls.
Speed Calling 8$1.00$1.50Allows subscribers to program up to 8 frequently dialed numbers that can be dialed using only one digit.
Teen Ring$4.00N/AProvides an additional residential number with a distinctive ring to enable customers to distinguish calls to their residence without installing a second line.
Three-Way Calling$1.50$2.50Allows a subscriber to add a third person to a call.
(1-5 mailboxes)
$4.00$4.00A digital storage system that collects recorded voice messages from callers.
** Prices reflected are stand-alone monthly recurring rates. Discounts may be available for orders of multiple features. Additional taxes, fees and surcharges apply. Nonrecurring installation/service charges apply for requests for new features or changes in features.


For local exchange service information, including Lifeline Service, click here.